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Why Fiducial?

Fiducial is a unique business concept combining global services and local presence for small businesses and individuals. As the leading provider of multidisciplinary services, Fiducial offers a comprehensive and scalable range of value added professional services and products, along with the expertise necessary to optimize clients’ business and personal affairs. As a real partner to small businesses and individuals, Fiducial allows its member clients to focus on succeeding whatever their ambitions may be.

Worldwide numbers

1.645 Billion $ in 2017
16,600 People
1,110 Locations


Established in 1970 by Christian Latouche, the founder and present Chairman, Fiducial has been developing for more than 40 years thanks to its uninterrupted international growth. By pooling complementary know-how, Fiducial has developed a thorough expertise in the fields of financial, business and tax services. Fiducial also developed a specific know-how in information technology solutions that are specifically designed for our clients’ areas of activity. In addition to professsional and IT services, Fiducial also offers a comprehensive range of security services, real property and office solutions in Europe.

In Europe, Fiducial’s network of 652 offices with 11,100 people allows close relationships with the firm’s 275,000 clients. In the United States, Fiducial currently maintaines a growing network of thirty-three offices. This proximity strategy enables a combination of the longevity and power of an international firm with the flexibility and reactivity of a local partner.

Discover the history of the group from when it was created by Mr. Christian Latouche in 1970 to today.

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Christian Latouche is a CPA and auditor and has a degree from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce of Paris. After having started his early career with Peat Marwick and Helios, he buys in 1970, at the age of 30, a small accounting practice in the south of France (Arles). This first acquisition will be the foundation stone of SOFINAREX. At the same time, he creates SOFIRAL, a legal and tax advice practice.


In order to meet the growing needs of SOFINAREX’ clients for bookkeeping software, Christian Latouche launches SOFINFOR, a subsidiary that specializes in accountancy computing.


SOFINAREX settles in Morocco.


Acquisition of DACF-CECF, a firm of 2,000 employees with headquarters in Angers, offering accounting and tax services as well as employee payroll and tax administration to very small businesses all over France.


FIDUCIAL breaks new ground to complete the scope of services offered to small businesses by acquiring the group SACI, a publicly traded company and leading marketer of accounting stationery with important printing facilities.


SOFINAREX and DACF-CECF merge and become FIDUCIAL Expertise


  • Acquisition of SOFIDEX, 3rd accounting and advisory firm in France with 800 employees.
  • Extension of the multidisciplinary offer with audit services (FIDUCIAL Audit) and financial advisory (FIDUCIAL Conseil).
  • SACI acquires Brun Passot and becomes 3rd office supplier on the French market.


FIDUCIAL continues to set its sights on penetrating international markets:

  • FIDUCIAL Expertise is established in Belgium.
  • SACI opens in Belgium and in Spain.


FIDUCIAL penetrates the American market and grows as an accounting firm as well as a franchisor of networks that provide tax, accounting and social services.


Acquisition of DAXEL, France’s leading supplier of IT solutions for notaries. Formation of FIDUCIAL Informatique, a subsidiary that provides a wide range of standard and tailored software as well as hardware.


  • FIDUCIAL expands the domestic market through the acquisition of the accounting firm E3C (650 employees) that completes FIDUCIAL Expertise’s unique geographical coverage of the French territory.
  • SACI buys the group OMB (office furniture and supplies) and from there strengthens its national position and acquires a real know-how in office furniture.


FIDUCIAL Informatique takes over LOGHOREST, specializing in IT solutions for the HoReCa sector.


  • FIDUCIAL Informatique acquires TESSON Software, which develops tailored programs for the auto-moto industry and for agricultural machinery.
  • SACI acquires the Belgian company BEILS and becomes 3rd largest office furniture supplier in Belgium.


SACI is rebranded FIDUCIAL Office Solutions


  • FIDUCIAL Informatique takes over EUROCOIF and MEDIALOGS, two companies that specialize in IT solutions for hair and beauty salons.
  • FIDUCIAL Informatique acquires INFOLIB and strengthens its position as major partner to notaries in France.


  • FIDUCIAL Expertise s in Luxemburg and in the French Overseas Departments and Territories.
  • FIDUCIAL Informatique buys LEXDATA


FIDUCIAL Office Solutions buys LIOGIER and annual sales now total approximately 200 m€.


FIDUCIAL Informatique buys MICROCONCEPT, 2nd largest provider of IT solutions for medical aid in France.


  • On August 3, 2012, the Paris bankruptcy court approves the disposal sale plan in favor of FIDUCIAL for the takeover of the assets of NEO SECURITY : 3,320 people and 116 m€ turnover. This marks the creation of a new business line for FIDUCIAL : security.
  • In September, FIDUCIAL Office Solutions acquires VEOPRINT, leading player in B2B web-to-print services.


  • In March, the ACP (Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel, i.e. the French Prudential Control Authority) granted FIDUCIAL the regulatory authorizations to hold 100 % of the Banque FIDUCIAL, the bank for small businesses.
  • In February, FIDUCIAL acquired Gestion Electronique SA, a swiss company that develops and distributes WINBIZ, a bookkeeping and sales software suite used under licence by 36,000 small and medium businesses and accounting firms.
  • In May, FIDUCIAL Informatique acquired Y-PROXIMITE, a young company that specializes in pre-packaged websites for small businesses through partnerships with franchisors, associations...
  • In October, FIDUCIAL Informatique took over Allégoria. This company develops Cloud based web 2.0 solutions for notarial offices.
  • FIDUCIAL announces the acquisition of Nexto. The company based in Marseille has 30 high-level staff and specializes in infrastructure technologies for information systems, in particular virtualization and cloud computing.


  • In February, FIDUCIAL announces the acquisition of the group Bis Securité, specialised in telesurveillance and video protection. About 7,000 sites are connected, mostly professionals, spread all over France.
  • In April Fiducial acquires VINCI's human safety and security division, whose 1,700 safety and security officers joined the FIDUCIAL Private Security department to form a global staff of over 5,000 professionals that protect more than 7,500 strategic sites all over France.
  • In February, Store Factory, who designs e-commerce websites for craftsmen and traders, joined FIDUCIAL Informatique’s subsidiairy Y-Proximité, allowing FIDUCIAL to further extend its range of website design services.


In October:

  • FIDUCIAL Office Solutions expands in Luxembourg through the acquisition of the business activities of SBM (office supplies and furniture).
  • FIDUCIAL Sécurité acquires the group FPSG (turnover of 6 m€, staff of 61), specializing in fire training and occupational safety and security, as well as the company SFIP (turnover of 6.6 m€ and 230 safety officers) that provides private surveillance for numerous administrative buildings and shopping malls.

In November:

  • FIDUCIAL Informatique takes over the business assets of MARLIX (turnover 550 k€, 8 employees), a software company which developed a solution used by over 1,000 hairdressing businesses in France and abroad.
  • FIDUCIAL Technologies buys out the company Khéops Organisation (turnover 15 m€, 15 employees). This acquisition allows Fiducial Technologies to upskill its expertise in the cloud technologies and telecommunications.


  • In March, FIDUCIAL takes over the swiss group FICOBA, a key actor on the market of temporary and permanent employment agencies. With 15 permanent employees and about 1400 temps, the group generates a turnover of 19 m€.
  • FIDUCIAL acquires Iguane Sécurité (8.1 m€ turnover and over 200 employees) in October 2016. This key player in fire safety in Ile-de-France possesses a recognized know-how, in particular for high-rise buildings (HRB) or buildings open to public.


In May 2017, FIDUCIAL Sécurité acquires Partenaire Sécurité (6.5 m€ turnover and 35 employees), a leading integrator of electronic security systems (alarms, intruder alarms, video surveillance, ...) who offers customized solutions for banking, industrial and service companies.


FIDUCIAL continues its external growth strategy in the various branches.