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Restart After COVID-19Your Cash Flow Monitoring Tool 

Prepare to resume your business activity with our cash flow monitoring

Fiducial is providing you with a cash flow monitoring tool to allow you to monitor and forecast changes in your cash flow. The tool is in an easy to use Excel format. 
You have the choice between two cash flow monitoring models, depending on whether your cash receipts correspond mainly to bill settlements that you establish, or to cash sales that you make.


Cash Flow Monitoring Tool

Invoice Treasury Model: Your collections correspond mainly to the bill settlements that you establish

Cash Tracking Model: Your cash receipts correspond mainly to cash sales

How to Use The Cash Flow Monitoring Tool

The cash flow monitoring tool is made up of 3 tabs:
● Balance Tab ● Receipts Tab● Disbursements Tab
The monitoring tool is designed for weekly follow-up over 52 weeks. If you prefer to carry out daily monitoring, just put an X in a specific field at the start of the entry to have a daily table.
Receipts Tab:The only tab that differs depending on the model chosen is the input grid on the receipts tab
Invoice Treasury Follow-Up Model:Enter and position in time the expected payments of the invoices that you have established. You will enter them one after the other, in the order in which your invoices are issued;
Cash Tracking Model:Enter for each day, the estimated total amount of cash and checks that you will remit to the bank, as well as the amount of card or other receipts that will be directly credited to your bank account.You can also enter forecasts for invoices or other collections, ideally over a week or two weeks.
Disbursement Tab:Enter all the amounts that you will have to disburse, whatever their nature (invoices, salaries, charges, contributions, taxes, etc.) as soon as you become aware of them. You will position them on the periods in which you will proceed to their settlement.
As for cash receipts, you will be able to enter forecasts.
Balance Tab:From the Balance tab , you will have visibility on your cash flow and its evolution. You can also compare your forecasts with the real position of your banks.
Usage tips:We urge you to save the file in your usual storage space (hard drive of your computer, cloud space, etc.), when downloading it and after opening the file.
The worksheets in both files are protected to prevent you from overwriting the calculation formulas by mistake. You can remove their protections at any time: there is no password to enter. To remove the protections, go to: file-protect workbook- select unprotect on each sheet. 
All input fields are in green.


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