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Press Release December 18, 2023 

It has been over two years since our merger of Nawara Financial Advisor, Inc. joining the Fiducial Expertise network. The main purpose of this merger was for Bruce to start thinking about his exit strategy and ensure that he found the right partner to continue serving you with the same care and attention you deserve.  
To further our growth, Christian Paschoud, CFE, Fiducial Expertise’s Deputy Director of Field Operations (DFO), will assume the management of all operations of our Palos Heights office, allowing Bruce to concentrate on intricate and complex transactions. With a multicultural background enriched by international experiences, Christian has held CFO positions across a spectrum of companies, ranging from start-ups to well-established corporations in the service and manufacturing sectors throughout his career. His unique background in managing operations and finance has helped him to successfully manage several Fiducial offices in the West and Midwest regions since joining Fiducial Expertise in 2018.  
Over three years ago, Christian led discussions and planning for the merger with Nawara Financial Advisors, Inc. and Phase I has been successfully completed. Christian initiated Phase II of the merger, as the new leader of all operations for this office, with Bruce as Director of Tax Advisory to manage all complex accounting and tax transactions. 
Be assured that our philosophy, values, and tradition to deliver quality work with objectivity and integrity will never change. This transition will allow us to structure our office to sustain our growth while continuing to provide expertise advisement and services in this ever-evolving world.  
What does it mean to you? Simply stated, you will have no change other than you will have a new main contact and we will have a new name and logo. You will continue to work with the same team at our firm for accounting, tax, and consulting services as you have in the past. 
We are grateful for your continued trust, loyalty, and friendship that have continued to enrich our relationship post-merger. We thank you for the opportunity to continue providing you with professional tax and accounting services and look forward to many more years of continued success. We are confident that our newly structured firm will benefit your firm. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Christian Paschoud at (708) 448-7100.